Understanding the Differences of UPVC Composite Front Doors

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UPVC Composite Front DoorsUsing UPVC composite front doors is the common option for the home front entrance. Despite being abundant in the market, composite doors and UPVC front doors are completely different. The main difference is the material used for the door. The UPVC door uses pure plastic. Even though it is a plastic, the material is hardened in order to get higher durability. In other hand, composite door is made out of several materials. By taking advantage of high pressure, those materials are compressed together. It is intended to achieve greater durability and density. As the result, the thickness of composite door is up to 44 mm. Meanwhile, UPVC door is only 28 mm.

UPVC Composite Front Doors: Which one is better?

Talking about the comparison of UPVC composite front doors, you might want to consider two important aspects. Aside from the security aspect, it is important for the front door to have good look. When it comes for security, UPVC door is already using hardened material. This material provides decent durability that is difficult to break in easily. However, the composite material used on composite door is harder. In addition to the plastic reinforced with glass material, composite door also comes with frame door that has strong structural integrity. It offers better protection to your house against intruder.

In the market, you can find UPVC front doors sold with different color variation. However, composite door have more options to choose. The options offered by composite door are not only in terms of color, but also in terms of design as well. The diverse variety of composite door allows you to decorate the front section of your home with any door design you like. You can match the design of composite door in accordance to the theme of your house. By understanding the differences between those doors, you will be able to choose the best UPVC composite front doors product.