Three Famous Patterns Of Black And White Ceramic Tile

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It is not wrong to say that black white ceramic tile is conventional and traditional. However, it not a bad idea to choose such kind of color combination for either bathroom or kitchen. It is simply due to the atmosphere reflected if it is used in different purpose.

Bathroom, for instance, is the right place to install this ceramic tile model because it makes the room more private and rich taste. Meanwhile, installing it in the kitchen, it offers quieter and more comfortable feel to support your activity in the kitchen.

Regardless to the old-fashioned stereotype given by some people, you can still choose more fashionable black and white ceramic tile for both your bathroom and kitchen. However, ensure that this combination is really matched with other designs and accessories.

The first available choice for the above pattern is black and white basket weave flooring. Today, this pattern is commonly installed in the bathroom. By giving a little touch, people mostly create it as if there is a real basket woven such as by making the black white as the background of shower installed.

The next alternative is black and white checkered flooring. This type is the most usual pattern for the combination of black and white tile. It is also similar with the previous model that is used for bathroom flooring. However, it sometimes installed for kitchen room. To make it more attractive, people usually paint queen or king as if it is chess board.

The last but not least is black and white hexagonal ceramic tile types. From its name, it is obvious that it is different from the two pattern mentioned above. It usually has distinctive percentage between black and white in order to create hexagonal model in the bathroom floor. To complete with, it is suggested to add back splash area in bathroom wall for aesthetic looks.