This Way So The Consumer Smart & Reduce Spending Spending

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Well who the hell doesn’t like shopping, especially for women. Hear the word shopping alone is joy. While shopping we often exaggerated or film, the stuff that should not be bought so purchased. Hayo, admit who’s like that?

Well, based on data from Nielsen (2016), Indonesia scores 119 in consumer promo indomaret confidence index showing that the community at large is not afraid of Indonesia and mostconfident in conducting transactions for purchases.

Unwittingly, many people fall into a shopaholic, where shopping into something that makes them feel better in mood. Coupled with a marketing ad masifnya educate consumers to become impulsive shoppers so that the buyer bore shopaholic.

Responding to this, Kasandra Putranto, clinical psychologist Indonesia, reveals the world community has developed into a modern society is full of ambitious people and results-oriented, which often cause a person to feel stress and depression while ekspektasinya does not correspond to reality.

They often use shopping as an impingement of the problem faced. Current researchproves the existence of a close link between the behavior of shopping with the emotional condition of the person.

“Shopping behavior is formed as a combination of genetic and family environment that has affected the capacity of intellect will determine his behavior,” said Kasandrawhen found in Jakarta.

Often, the shopaholic has a credit card to facilitate transactions in the shopping. In fact, the existence of a credit card for a shopaholic sometimes even memperkeruh circumstances. For them, the extra money is a credit card that can be used for shopping without thinking. This understanding makes remorse, especially at a time when credit card bills come at them.

Responding to such phenomena, Bianto Surodjo as Director of Retail Banking the Bank explained, required education will be a function of the credit card, in which if used correctly can make the payments. More than that, it could give a lot of advantages. Credit card facility is not an “extra money” that can be used by Sage.
“Departing from the foregoing, PermataKartuKreditmenginisiasi hold #Shopalogic movement which aims to improve the financial literacy of the entire family of Indonesia. We invite the entire community to apply intelligent logic mindset when you shop using a credit card, so the shopping experience can bring satisfaction and not a regret, “added Bianto.

Kasandra any psychologist recommends that you not addicted to shopping with the mindset that the discounts at the mall merugikanmu. Cut open the online shop to minimize shopping desire. And most importantly, leave your credit cards at home so that you may use a credit card while pressing only.