The eight mandatory rule while wearing red lipstick

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The eight mandatory rule while wearing red lipstick

Red lipstick is a favorite of womenfolk. Ranging from the color of cherry, dark red to glowing red, there are several rules that must be followed when using it to make it look more optimal according to


1. Identify the right color
Before using a lipstick red, it’s important to know what kind of red color matching to avoid. Bright skinned women can choose the red color without the Orange element, while the brown leather matches the Red a bit orange or reddish-pink. Dark skinned women can choose red wine or warm purple.


2. lip Care
Before wearing lipstick, lip care with scrub. Clear the previous lip so as not to look dry when applying the lipstick.


3. Lip Liner
Important wear lip liner before using a lipstick red. Make sure the same color with a lip liner lipstick. This is useful to make long lasting lipstick on lips.


4. Use a simple make up
One important thing to keep in mind when wearing red lipstick is you have to keep up with light makeup. Lipstick red plus make up scene is tantamount to disaster.


5. Matte
If you want to look elegant, select a matte lipstick. Glossy red lipstick can also be made to be matte, use blotting paper to remove the gloss. Or try also a little PatPat baby powder into the lipstick and then use paper towels to remove excess gloss after some time.


6. Make up eyes
Make sure the make up of the eye remained neutral, no need to wear many colors.The more beautiful, the more natural your display.


7. Clothing
Matching red lipstick combined with monochrome, black dress, pastel colors or white dress. Don’t wear red lips beginners when you wear clothes with animal print dress or a stylish funky.


8. In order not to dirty the teeth lipstick
Use blotting paper to clean the excess lipstick to keep it from sticking to the teeth,or place a clean finger in your mouth, katupkan lips so that excessive lipstick stuck to the fingers.