The Charm Of A Begonia Plants

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The Charm Of A Begonia Plants

One more type of ornamental plants has glamor on the flowers and leaves, a Begonia. A Begonia is a type of ornamental plants that can be placed as landscape plants in outer space (outdoor) and as an ornamental plant pot is placed in the space (indoor).

Based on the character of the plant family Begoniaceae, part of which has more than 1400 species is classified into several types, namely Wax, Dragon Wing a Begonia,a Begonia, Tuberous and Hardy, a Begonia Rex.

Wax a Begonia leaves slick and layered wax. However, the visible protruding from the Wax a Begonia is on the flowers. The flowers are pink-colored date in cluster withlong stalks and hang so suitable as a hanging plant pot.

Types of Dragon Wing has large leaves and wide, as if to resemble a pair of wings. A Begonia that form a jasa pembuatan taman jogja Rhizome enters into types of Tuberous. In General, the type ofa Begonia has the specialty of beautiful flowers, like roses with petals overlapping the colors as well as “soft”.

Instead, a Begonia Rex popular hues of exotic, even the leaves known as the fancy a Begonia leaf. Alloy striking colors such as silver, pink, purple, green, thick, formed apattern that is very beautiful like a painting of an artist’s hand. In contrast to Wax a Begonia, a Begonia Leaf surface Rex more coarse and textured, even most there aredowny. As for the Hardy a Begonia tend not popular due to less attractive appearance.

Hibiscus or local term is often called the Hibiscus family Malvaceae, is a type of ornamental plants has the beauty of the flower shape. The flowers are a rich color look striking between the color of the leaves which tend to be dark green.
A hybrid type of hibiscus is one of a collection of ornamental plant lovers. This type of flower has the quality that is far better than the local, good size Hibiscus petals the flower arrangement flowers or petals, colours that vary widely.
Petals the size reaches 20 cm in diameter there is a single or double room with a wavy margin. Solid colors in the form of pastel colors and color gradations of color ora derivative of the older the more toward the inside or vice versa.
Pistil and Stamen be accent colors and shapes so that it looks the more perfect. This type is the result of a hybridization process done by the breeder to produce a new hybrid that stabilises the character representation.