Tactics in order to Sale You the best-selling Sweet in the Online store

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Ladies, have become a common form of business for selling merchandise online. This along with the berjamurnya platform for online sellers to peddle his efforts. If you don’t have any online shops, second-hand goods in any units you can market any more.

Believe it or not, the competition is also fierce used goods in cyberspace. katalog promosi Because, most likely the stuff you sell will also be sold to other parties out there. Are you one of the online retailers are experiencing this? Well, let the best-selling sweet in ye merchandise online store, it’s good you follow the tips suggested by Edward Kilian as Chief Marketing Officer of OLX Indonesia.

1. use free platform
Open the eyes of your development platform sales out there. There are options that you can use the site as a place to trade without having to pay.

2. Completeness of the description of the goods
As online sellers, goods that you trade could not be touched by the buyer. Reasonable if then will appear a lot of questions about the specifications of the goods. This is where you as the seller’s duty to describe anything “perintilan” from the stuff you jajakan.

“In order that the goods be sold quickly, description of the goods must be complete so people no longer wonder,” Edward said in a press conference launching #AmazingSeller OLX along Shoots Toyota, last weekend. #AmazingSeller is itself a program award to the vendors who utilize OLX as platform sales.


Those who trade here and list the tagar AmazingSeller will get the points collected per pekannya. There will be weekly and monthly prizes are handed out. The main reward is one unit of Toyota car Calya which is a form of cooperation between Toyota Shoots with OLX.

3. The price
Make sure the price of goods you sell not far above market value. See also how the value of the market offered by other sellers for the same goods. “Don’t sell goods above market price unless the item is really unique and only you’ve got,” said Edward again.

He exemplifies the market price of a smartphone worth Rp7 millions. Almost all seller on OLX sell with these prices. But there is a seller who dare Rp7,5 million with the price. “Ultimately what? Merchandise sold guns because he was trying to retrieve the fortunes of that kind of way, “stated Edward again.

4. the paid Features
Some of the sales platform has the features of a paid has many advantages. One of them put stuff you on top of the search results so that consumers will see you earlier than other people’s belongings. On OLX, Edward lays out these sorts of features that users have a chance eight times larger than that sold not to use it.

See Ladies, it turns out that tactics to trade online is not as sophisticated automated analysers that, isn’t it? Hopefully with these tips business sales you can laris-manis like sugar. Good luck, Ladies:)