Researcher Reveals Surprising Facts about the 3 habits of Pee in the pool, can be a hazard, too Lho

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Researcher Reveals Surprising Facts about the 3 habits of Pee in the pool, can be a hazard, too Lho

Relieving tired after daily administration preoccupied by the range of activities makes you find fun activities that are able to refresh mind and body. One of the ways that you choose that is swimming. Yes, sinking most of the body in the water it pisses you comfortable and fresh again. But, there is one thing that ruined the kenyamananmu, i.e. the existing urine in the pool. Hiiii!

Yes, urine or urine indeed there exists in the pool and often invisible because it is mixed with pool water. Then, why can know there is urine? Urinate in swimming poolsseems to have become a habit which more or less accepted. Well the pool that was created as a place for public sports turned out to make a curious researchers – there are how much the amount of urine in it huh? And they do the research, check out the result here is yuk!

1. Often considered mere rumor or humour, but a study in Canada confirm if most definitely polluted pool of urine

For three weeks, experts from the University of Alberta Canada to measure pollution levels in the urine of two public swimming pools. Using the concentration of potassium asesulfam (ACE) or artificial sweeteners found in processed foods, the researchers could tell how many urine pollute the pool. The result is quite astounding. Even though it is already so common when almost everyone ever pee in the pool, still surprising to know the amount.

In the first third of the outdoor Olympic-standard size, found 75 liters of urine content of 830,000 liter water capacity. Yes piss found the size of a dumpster being lah. Whereas in the smaller pond of half-capacity, there are 30 liters of urine. Anyone who is responsible for it’s hard, but the presence of urine in the pool it is an uncontestedfact kontraktor pembuat kolam renang

“We do not monitor the number of users of the pool for three weeks of research, so we can’t estimate how much urine is issued each visitor,” said Lindsay Blackstock, one of the researchers from the University of Alberta,

as reported by The Guardian

2. The habit of disposing of urine in the pool indeed ordinary things – including powerful swimmers. So, not only you

In the journal Environmental Science and Technology Letters it says 19% of adults justify the habit of urinating in the pool. They used to do this at least once – includingthe United States as a reliable partner of swimmer Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps.For Phelps it does not matter because the chlorine contained in the pool can kill bacteria or whatever, so that the existence of the urine is not nothing.

“I think all people would urinate in the pool and there is chlorine which kill him. So, yeah no problem, “said Michael Phelps,

as reported by The Guardian

3. the most important Question is whether the presence of urine that can be dangerous against health. ‘ Do you pity those who swim are looking healthier, in fact can ill