Proven Benefits of Sweetened Sweet Corn Water Boost High Blood Pressure, Diabetes And Prevent Kidney Stones And Natural Gallstones

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Who knows it turns out the water corn stew has so many hidden benefits. Before moving to the efficacy of corn, please note at a glance about this sweet yellow staple food.

Corn is one of the food sources that until now so often consumed by the people of Indonesia. Not only as a staple food, but corn is also very easy to be a variety of delicious preparations. The simplest way to process corn is simply by boiling or burning.

Well, are you one of those who likes to boil corn at home? If usually the remaining water of corn stew was discarded, then this time save with neatly boiled corn. It turns out that corn stew has a variety of benefits ranging from stopping bedwetting, lowering blood pressure and other extraordinary benefits.

Curious what are the benefits of corn stew? Here’s the information!

Corn Boiling Water Can Stop Child Wetting Habits

Are children still often wet the bed? Apparently, there is an easy way to overcome the habit of the baby who wet while sleeping. If you first stop the habit of wetting the child using how to bite the dragonfly to the child’s navel then now only use the water of corn stew. How to?

Take a handful of corn hair and boil it with water. Drink to small every time you want to sleep. However, do not give too much, corn stew water can lower blood pressure so consume just enough.
Benefits of Corn Boiling Water For Diabetes And High Blood

A person affected by diabetes must always consume corn stew. The way corn and stem and stew. Drink boiled corn water every two or three times a week.

Not only efficacious for diabetic patients, but corn stew also has a positive effect of lowering blood pressure. A person with high blood pressure is recommended to consume boiled water from five to seven young corn and corn hair. Consume regularly for seven days and wait for the results. Blood pressure will return to normal.

Water Reborn Natural Medicines Destroy Kidney Stones

Kidney-shaped kidney stones are located in the kidney. This stone is formed from salt and mineral acids, and the cause can be from various things. To remove or destroy kidney stones, you can try corn stew water treatment.

The trick is easy, just prepare four young corn, eight pieces kejibeling leaves and also a handful of corn hair. Boil all ingredients and drink the water. Consume regularly until the kidney stones out. The release of kidney stones is usually a grain, foam or gravel.

Corn Boiling Water Cut the Gall Stones

Gallstones disease is one of the conditions that must be cured immediately. Given that bile plays a vital role in digestion so that slow healing can be fatal and you can learn more at musikji.

Corn stew water also turned out to also remove or shed gallstones. The easy way is enough to boil five pieces of corn plus 5 grams of fresh cat whiskers. After the corn and the cat’s whiskers mature, immediately strain and take the water. Drink regularly within two weeks until gallstones decay.

The above description proves the benefits of sweet corn hair stew water overcome high blood pressure, diabetes and prevent kidney stones and gallstones naturally. Because of the five benefits above, from now when you boil corn, do not even throw away the boiled water. Make the most of it.