Profit Loss In Hydroponic Aeroponic Techniques

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Profit Loss In Hydroponic Aeroponic Techniques

Profit Loss In Hydroponic Aeroponic Techniques

Aeroponics is one of six planting techniques of hydroponics. Unlike the other hydroponic techniques, techniques of aeroponics plant in the air where the root terkespos directly in the air.

This technique does not need media that sustain the plant roots. The roots will get the water and nutrients from the grain-grain nutrient solution which resemble fog, which is sprayed (pengkabutkan) at regular intervals. So aeroponics system jasa pembuatan taman allows you to save water and fertilizer and plant growth process that is much faster than other hydroponic techniques.

There are two types of aeroponics technique, namely, low-pressure aeroponic (lowpressure aeroponic or LPA) and aeroponic high pressure (high pressure aeroponic or HPA). The most commonly used technique is the technique of LPA, for work process is very easy and simple. From tandon or reservoir pump spray the plant roots dangling through the sprinkle. Then the water droplets on the root will return again to the tandon.

Using aeroponics plant bertekenan low, indeed thrives, but unfortunately the system is inefficient. Low pressure make sprinkle cannot produce the fine spray and spraying was not right on target.

Different case with the HPA system capable of generating a fine mist spray, so as to make the nutrients and water are more easily absorbed and the root can take oxygen with optimal. In addition, the reach of the semprotannya any more widespread and effective than the technique of LPA. Unfortunately, the technique of this complexand belongs to the HPA requires an expensive fee. So that’s a high-pressure aeroponic techniques are not suitable for the beginner.

Although more complicated and expensive aeroponics technique, capable of producing fertile plants, because of the microenvironment of aeroponics is really controllable. In addition, based on NASA research, using aeroponics, plants can experience increased growth of 80% in comparison with the plants that grow on other hydroponics, as well as requiring only ΒΌ of the nutrients used in comparison with other hydroponics.