Learn the melody Sound one and two on guitar

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Learn the melody Sound one and two on guitar

Play guitar melodies sound 1 and 2 is usually often used by metal bands in leadingor Rhythm, to master this technique in need pengetehuan not high, because this technique is wearing itself Chords structure so you have to know the composition of tones from the chord.

Typically, Voice 2 it can be lower or higher than 1 sound (depending on which fits what).
But most will be higher.
To find the sound or tone to 2 is by searching for chordnya and tone of voice 1.
1 sound in tone C, and chordnya also Chrod tone for c. C is C-E-g. Well, to acquire two, usually (based on example) taking on the tone of E (for voice 2 voice is higher than 1) and taking on the tone of G (for the sound of the voice is lower than 1).

But the way this is not an absolute way, not all songs can be applied to this way, and not all of the tone or chord in one song would fit this way.
If using this way is suitable/tasty are heard, then wear and take, if rather then jual gitar akustik murah .

Guitar Tapping technique is basically similar technique of hammer on. It is a tappingtechnique in performing on both right hand and left hand should do the hammer on techniques simultaneously.

This technique is played without the use of a pick (pickers), but rather with the way the fingers of both hands are in the neck of the guitar, then tapping technique is often called a Two Handed technique. This tapping technique based on the technique of slur i.e. Hammer-On and Pull-Off combined with the Tap on the right hand.

Normally this technique is often diunakan by blues guitarist, and the ever-growingmusic finally Tapping is used also by rock guitarists with menggabungkanya with other techniques such as Sweep Arpeggios pentatonic Arpegio Taping tapping, Diminished Arpegio Tapping etc.,