It’s These Things That Spend Your Money At Home

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It’s These Things That Spend Your Money At Home

Did you know that some types of spending, without you knowing it, turned out to be the source of your money leak over the years? Yes, without feeling we actually do a lot of waste through the objects we use or activities that are done every day.

In fact, if you are able to manage these expenses, you can save and gambar rumah save so that later can be used for vacation funds, home renovation, or even be DP home.

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And to find out what kind of waste we usually do at home, then consider the elaboration of following.

Cable TV

Have you ever calculated how much cable costs you paid for 1 year? The numbers would be good, right ?!

Actually you can save it by choosing a cheaper option package or not even install cable tv at all. Not only can you save but also the frequency of watching TV becomes reduced.

If you do not want to miss your favorite tv series, it’s better to subscribe to a kind of Netflix program that usually has a cheaper cost.

Unused food ingredients

Usually this mistake is often done by housewives due to food menu that is not well planned. As a result, many food items are not used so that they rot in the refrigerator.

So, plan a meal menu every week. For example on one day you will cook using cauliflower, then make sure in the next few days there will be a dish that also uses the material in order not to waste.

Cut hair into salon

Cutting the child’s hair and your partner can actually do yourself without having to spend money to the salon. Just invest in hair shaving equipment to make it easier when cutting hair at home.

If you do not understand how to cut hair, you can learn through tutorials on youtube channel.

Fitness center membership

If you do not regularly go to the gym, this is obviously just wasting your money for the next 1 year – even if it has got a discounted price.

Better to exercise outdoors like running, biking, or swimming. Buy a video gym or use a sports app on a mobile phone if you want to exercise at home.

Buy a can of soda

If you’re a fan of soft drinks or other soft drinks, consider how much it will cost to keep them home.

Better to get used to diligently drinking white, even when you eat at your restaurant, some restaurants give it for free. In addition to sparingly, your body will also also be healthier because drinking water.

Buy bottled water

If you are accustomed to buying water in a disposable bottle, consider using water purifier at home so that it can make your own drinking water.

Also prepare a few bottles that can be used repeatedly so that when you travel enough to bring this drink bottle. Not only frugality, but you can also avoid the chemical hazards contained from disposable drink bottles.