Intel’s First Hyper-Fast 3D Drive is Intended for Servers

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Hyper-Fast 3D Drive

Intel's Hyper-Fast 3D Drive

At last, Intel is making a stand-alone drive predicated on its fast 3D storage technology… Though you’re probably not about to pick one up yourself. The chipmaker has presented the Optane SSD DC P4800X, a-drive meant for that PCI Express or NVMe slots in computers. It just has 375GB of space, but its extremely low-latency (typically under 10┬Ás) and 2GB/s throughput implies that it can provide as either a memory cache or storage. If you should be involved in high-performance processing, online shopping or different types enthusiastic about tons of Memory and rapid turnaround situations, this can be theoretically your dream product.

Intel also claims greater energy than your normal SSD. The inaugural Octane type can withstand challenges usually related to Memory, currently talking about 12.3 petabytes of information in its lifetime.

You could get the drive today if you’re a part of Intel’s early shipping system, and there are promises of bigger capacities (750GB and 1.5TB) and U.2 form components coming later in 2017. Not that you are likely to fall any of them into your gaming rig anytime soon. The 375GB type costs a big $1,520 — even if you may genuinely obtain one for household use, you would get much more benefit out of a higher-potential mainstream SSD. Octane won’t be sensible for conventional PCs (beyond little capacities) until prices fall much, much lower.