Indonesia is rich with culture

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Indonesia is a country located in southeast asia region. Countries that passed the equator is as good as that of other Asian countries that have the sea and a large forest territory. One of the largest in Southeast Asia region has a dominance over the economy of Southeast Asia. Not a secret anymore that Indonesia is a big country which already has a big authority. When you know about the efforts to make the country you compete with Indonesia has a lot of which can not compete. With abundant natural resources Indonesia much feared and loved by its neighbors.

Indonesia know more about the country with more than a thousand islands that stretches from Sabang to Merauke. With so many scattered islands, Indonesia has its own difficulties to be able to manage their own country. We’ll see a lot of events are difficult to handle by the government. Were not only rich in culture, but also rich in diversity. But the Indonesian culture very much this to be one characteristic of Indonesia. Many use the differences to divide Indonesia. But we know that Indonesia with a good culture and a lot even more tolerance and mutual respect. That’s why Indonesia is highly respected and well as respected by other countries.

There are at least a thousand more culture in Indonesia. Starting from the Batak culture, Java, Borneo, Dayak, Papua and many other cultures in Indonesia. When we use culture as a divisive tool, you have to think that millions of times longer because Indonesia is a plural culture that it is difficult for a culture that long ago had been different and it can unite Indonesia. We know very well because of the differences we can create a lot of results. Knowing the many cultures in Indonesia, we know that the culture is very easy to be made a tool for divisive.
Therefore. We as citizens should be mutual respect, tolerance and still have much to do for the country of Indonesia. Do not be tempted by difference place. Differences make us rich and not make us hostile.