Husband Died? Here’s How to Reverse Certificate Name

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Husband Died? Here’s How to Reverse Certificate Name

One of’s readers whose husbands had just passed away, sent an email to the editorial team asking about the procedure behind the home certificate.

“My husband is dead and want to reverse the house name, how do ya? I am now living in Siantar, North Sumatra, a relic house in Kepri, Tanjung Uban. What are the procedures and how much does it cost? “Ms. Sis wrote in her email.

Broadly speaking, the process of reversing the name of the certificate between the surviving owner and the one who is gone is not much different. It’s just that there are some documents that must be attached, and the stage lasts up to two times.

According to the notary who is based in Cipete, South Jakarta, Karlita Rubianti, SH, the first step that must be passed is to reverse the name of the certificate by including all the names of the heirs.

“Includes all names of biological children and wives. It will be listed in one certificate later. But if (sorry) no child, yes can be directly reversed in the name of the wife, “he explained.

To be able to complete this stage, the heirs will be requested to visit the office of the National Land Agency (BPN) according to domicile, by bringing;

Certificate of Inheritance (SKW)
Application forms already completed and signed on stamp duty, which includes; Identity, area, location and use of the requested land, the land statement is not dispute, the statement of the land is physically controlled
Identity Card (KTP)
Birth certificate (if any heirs are under 17 years of age)
Family Card (KK)
Marriage certificate / marriage book
Letter of death
Original certificate
Photo copy of SPPT PBB of the current year which has been matched with the original by the counter officer
Submission of evidence of SSB (BPHTB), proof of SSP / PPH for land acquisition of more than 60 Million Rupiah proof of income (at the time of registration of rights)
Specifically for the Certificate of Inheritance shall be made by the heirs, and witnessed by two witnesses and strengthened by the Head of the village where heirs live.

While other requirements and procedures are regulated in Regulation of Head of National Land Agency No.1 year 2010, and the cost is regulated in PP. 14 of 2010.

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How much does it cost?

The process of handling the name of the certificate in the BPN as listed above usually takes less than a day. Only, the new certificate will come out after the next five days.

The cost to be paid for this service depends on the value of the land. For example, if the certificate of land to be reversed in the name of Jagakarsa area, then the cost of processing is Rp52.925.

This is because the NJOP of the region in this year is Rp2,925,000. As for the cost of services behind the name of its NJOP Rp3, 5 million such as District Pakansari, Cibinong, the applicant will be charged Rp53.500.

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Just for the wife’s name, can?

In order to educate people who are still hesitant in handling the name of the certificate, again gives an illustration if there is a widow who wants a certificate in his own name.

“If so, still have to deal with the name behind all the heirs. Just then, make a Deed of Sharing of Joint Treasures or APHB abbreviated to indicate that the heir does indeed give full rights to his wife, “said Karlita.

Based on the regulations, the requirements that must be fulfilled to manage the name of the certificate on the basis of APHB include:

Copy of KTP and KK (right recipient)
Copy of KTP (giver of rights)
Photocopy of the UN last year
The original certificate has been checked
Deed of Granting of Collective Rights made by PPAT
Tax letters BPHTB (Land and Building Rights Acquisition Rights)