How to Reduce High Cholesterol Quickly and Naturally

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Are you with high cholesterol? if yes then do not be ignored because it can cause problems on your health. In general, cholesterol is not something that is scary because it is a fat cholesterol naturally produced by the body and works to help the formation of the cell wall and into raw materials for the manufacture of some hormones. In addition to the production by the body, cholesterol can also be obtained from some foods such as milk, cheese, meat, poultry, fish and margarine.
How to reduce cholesterol in the body
Well, although cholesterol is beneficial for the body but when excess cholesterol is not good for the health and even can cause various diseases such as heart disease. As we know that heart disease is one of the dangerous and deadly diseases because it can come suddenly.
Because so the danger of disease caused by high cholesterol levels in the body then for that you must be observant and diligent check cholesterol levels of the body in order to avoid unwanted things. Here are some signs that the cholesterol in your body is high.

Signs of High Cholesterol

1. Frequent Dizziness in Chief Rear
The first sign is often felt dizzy at the back of the head. If you often feel that it should not be ignored and immediately consult a physician, dizziness is due to have their blood clots and when left the blood vessels would rupture, which can cause death.
2. Often Sore On Shoulders and Neck
High cholesterol can lead to a variety of blood vessel blockage causing blood does not flow smoothly. Well, if the blood is not smooth in the neck and shoulders it can cause a feeling of stiffness in the area. If you often feel it then immediately consult a doctor.
3. Often Tingling Feet and Hands On
As already discussed above that are too high bad cholesterol in the body can clog blood vessels and this is bound to cause a variety of pain in the body of one painful tingling in the hands and feet. Well, if you often experience tingling in the arms and legs then this should be cause for concern.
4. Pain In Left Chest
Then the last sign that your cholesterol is high is often feel pain in the left chest. Do not leave or sepelakan if you often feel it because it is very dangerous to your health and your life.
Now that you know the signs of high cholesterol then the next we will discuss how to lower high cholesterol naturally.

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

1. Sports
The first way we can do of course is to exercise. As we all know that exercise is important for maintaining the health and fitness of the body, even though we only exercise 30 minutes but if done consistently every day then that is enough. Sport is one of the best ways to lower cholesterol levels in the body and nourish the heart.
2. Limit Intake of Saturated Fat
Then the next way is to limit the intake of food you consume. To maintain normal cholesterol levels in order to remain in the body in addition to exercising we also have to be smart in managing the diet. Eat a balanced diet and not too often consume high-fat foods such as meat, popcorn, margarine, fast food and frozen meals ready because this will only exacerbate and trigger an increase in bad cholesterol levels in your body. Not that you should not eat food on but it would be nice if you consume food in a balanced and not excessive
3. Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables
Everyone knows if fruits and vegetables is one of the foods that must exist in the list of your diet every day. These fruits and vegetables are very good for the health of our bodies, even some specific fruit can lower cholesterol levels in our body such as avocado, lemon, apples, tomatoes, mangoes and grapes. In addition, we can also use garlic to lower cholesterol levels, way is quite consumption 2 cloves of garlic every morning.
4. Lose Weight
Believe it or not, to lose weight then this is simply to lower cholesterol levels in the body. A healthy diet that we do to lose weight not only makes the body become slim but also make cholesterol in the body to be stable. Moreover, a healthy diet coupled with exercise you are doing then it can be said to be perfect because in addition to a healthy weight, it also keeps the body healthy.
5. Leave Bad Habits
High cholesterol is often triggered due to some bad habits that often we do every day as drinking soda, smoking and alcohol. Well, if you want to lower levels that are too high kolestero eat in the body begin to live a healthy lifestyle and leave the bad habits above.
6. Rest Enough
Rest is one of the best ways to cure because while resting the body will work from within to meperbaiki damaged cells and replace them with new ones and make all the toxins from the body. Now, therefore do not stay up late and go to bed when the clock is showing 0.009-10.00 night.
7. Doctor Visit
Then the next tips then of course you have to visit a doctor and check the condition of the body as well as check cholesterol levels at least 6 months.
That way of lowering cholesterol are high in the body naturally and quickly. If you already live a healthy lifestyle and consistently then of course the body will always be healthy and avoid various diseases.