How To Eliminate Pharynx Throat Naturally

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At a severe level, the mucus of the throat may also interfere with breathing and even be hearing. To overcome the phlegm in the throat and all the complaints that accompany it, you can try how to eliminate phlegm in the throat naturally following before deciding to contact a doctor.

Throat disturbances such as inflammation, coughing or infection often give rise to a bothersome mucus. For some people, mucous throat is even rated as something that is disgusting. Slime mucus that is not immediately addressed also has the potential to cause bitterness in the tongue that eventually decreases appetite.

Natural way to eliminate phlegm

Sputum can be eradicated without the use of drugs though. Sputum can be lost with an appropriate cough and curing techniques. Here’s how to get rid of phlegm in the throat naturally

A cough is effective

An effective cough in question is a proper cough technique so that the mucus in the throat can be pulled out through the mouth. How to do this is to take a sitting position upright and take a deep breath. When breathing cough 2 to 3 times until sputum out.

Evaporation technique

Evaporation to remove mucus can not only be done by doctors alone. You can also do it yourself at home with simple ingredients. Try mixing a few drops of eucalyptus oil in hot water and inhaling the steam.

Remedy for eliminating phlegm in the throat

Some of the following natural remedies can help eliminate phlegm in the throat:

Lime concoction

Lemon Potion can be used as a way to eliminate the most powerful phlegm. How to use it is quite easy, just need to mix the juice of lime juice with a glass of warm water and a little honey. Drink this herb while warm to thin the sputum and also boost immunity.

Hot ginger drink

The spicy ginger flavor can work effectively relieve throat that sputum. Simply take 2 to 3 ginger rhizome, wash and geek like make a hot ginger drink. Drink this herb regularly two times a day.

Turmeric herb

Turmeric can also be used to relieve sputum and inflammation in the throat. Turmeric is also enriched with antioxidants that can strengthen the immune system.

How to use turmeric as a remedy for mucus throat is to grate two rhizomes of turmeric and blackmail it. Combine this turmeric juice with ½ cup of hot water then leave to lukewarm. Add honey then drink.

Mint leaves

Mint leaves have been widely used as ingredients for sputum-thinners or expectorants. To make a diluent herb from a mint leaf, you simply take some mint daunt sheets that have been washed clean and mix it with hot water. Wait a while until warm and drink.

Gargling with salt water

Salt will trigger the secretion of saliva and also kill bacteria. Of course, this will facilitate the expenditure of mucus and also anticipate the onset of infection caused by a sore throat when coughing.

Gargle with warm salt water as often as possible while there is still a phlegm that feels in the throat.


Garlic contains antibiotics that can fight the virus that causes throat. Also, garlic is also able to increase immune and body metabolism performance to prevent the formation of more mucus.

How to use garlic as a mucous throat is to eat it in a raw state. However, you need to remember that the consumption of garlic can cause nausea and heat in the stomach.

Leaf pegagan

Pegagan leaf has long been believed as an herbal ingredient that can overcome respiratory problems, including treating a slimy throat. How to use it is to take a handful of gotu kola leaf and boil it with two glasses of water. Boil until water is half. Strain and drink while still warm two times a day.

After doing the way to eliminate phlegm in the throat naturally above, it’s good if you also take precautions. Way, multiply the consumption of water and fruits. Make sure always to use a protective mask when outside the room is exposed to pollution.