How swimming pool care after treatment

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To satisfy the quality standards of water clean and healthy water is then ready to use the swimming pool in the previous process and through a process that is already in the specified above, then we will teach you how to stabilize the water so that the water is not limited to fragile or frequently dirty
As for how his treatment at regular intervals or routines can use the system dosing pump with the calculation of a specific timer or simple way, for example we discussed with the simple way that is as follows:
The first step i.e. give ΒΌ of the drug alone at the pool every 3 days once before in pool water clean with dirt is vacuum drawn through the filter or vacum mobile
If you want a normal maindrain, valve is vacuum drawn off, valve balancing tanks (over flow system switch off and open the valve is vacuum drawn channel fittings for the system over flow or above dirt so that the skimmer will overflow then the dirt under the sediment could be affordable by vacum mobile.
Test the PH of the water content in advance and Chlorine In the pool water using test kits, PH, CL are less or not
If the moisture content of the PH/Chlorine in stable State then our next phase is to add more Chlorine in the water to keep it stable in the span of three days, the next stage is to add the Chlorine 90% 2 handheld hand adult (for standard size more or less volume of water 40m3) and trussi 1 handheld disbursed) by way of alternating jasa perawatan kolam renang
It could also add as many as 90% of the tablet Clhorine 3bj waters pool or into the balancing tank, so that the dirt sticks to clhorine and remain binding on content of clhorine in addition, clhorine also did not easy banned into the floor of the water,
Next, turn on the machine the circulation of min 6 hours/day on condition that the handle of the filter in the filter position
And for the next 3 days treatment did the same thing in order to konentrasi the water in a stable stateTo help ease the time and effort you and always keep the hygiene of the swimming pool, it is not his fault if you use the services of an individual or group treatment Assembly of the artisan pool from us, with trained personnel and experienced, with a cheap prices.
We also help you in making the garden around the pool to look beautiful and natural. We are also ready to renovate the water circulation system of the manual beingdigital, skimer or overflow water toys, kids mini, waterboom and overhaul of construction building your pond.
Thank you. Greetings sports.