Home Decorating with Textured Paint

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House exterior paint will make your home more alive. Are you bored with your wall paint? Do you want to make different color for your wall? Have you heard about textured paint for your wall? Let’s see, what the textured paint is. The textured paint is paint for your wall but you can make it textured or you can add some pattern on it. If you are adding texture to your walls can give richness and depth, will make your wall more character and it will change your atmosphere in your home.

The technique for texture painted wall has two techniques. They are combing and sponging technique. It is a little different between combing and sponging technique. Both of them give a textured look your walls but combing is easier technique. The reason why combing technique is easier because your base coat is completely dry and you are only working with over coat or glaze. First of all, you must apply a thin layer of glaze to the wall and drag or ‘comb’ a special brush through the glaze creating the desired pattern. Second, once the area you are working is covered with glaze, follow with a few more light strokes of the roller to make sure the glaze is distributed well. Third, you can start at the top and drag the combing tool from left to right. Every time you make a pass through the glaze you will have to wipe the combing tool using a line free rag. This will assure a more even stroke with each pass.

That is a simple way to make your wall textured. If you want to change the pattern, it is simple. You can use the roller and apply another thin layer of glaze over the wall. Will you have your house paint? Yes you will because it will make your home more alive.