EMBASSY in Copenhagen to promote tourism Indonesia

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EMBASSY in Copenhagen to promote tourism Indonesia

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (the EMBASSY) Copenhagen is attempting topromote tourism with Indonesia participated in the Danish Travel Show in MCH Messecenter Herning, Denmark, on 24 – 26 February 2017.


Ambassador RI for the Kingdom of Denmark and the Republic of Lithuania and Muhammad Ibn Said in affidavits that arrives in Jakarta, Monday said that the participation of Indonesia in the exhibition is part of an effort to promote tourism Indonesia to nontraditional markets.


This Participation is part of the effort of promoting Indonesia in nontraditional markets are expected to increase the number of tourists visit from Denmark and also from other Scandinavian countries to Indonesia,” said Ibnu.


Tourists visit Denmark to Indonesia more than 30 thousand people and overall reach the 120 people who came from the area of Scandinavia. The purpose of tourist destinations of interest by the Scandinavian origin of tourists, among others, is Bali, Lombok, Java, and Sumatra.


In addition to promoting tourism, the EMBASSY in Copenhagen was also doing promotion of culinary Indonesia which has been widely known in the world, such as fried rice, fried noodles, beef rendang, and Indonesia‘s coffee. EMBASSY in Copenhagen also bring the perpetrators of such importers business origin of Denmark, and chefs who came from Indonesia.


The involvement of the perpetrators of such business is expected to improve the agreement between businessmen, encouraged the sale of travel packages, and expanding the network of cooperation with local societies.


Danish Travel Show is the largest annual tourism exhibition in the Scandinavian region followed around 1,000 participants from 42 countries, and attended more than 65,000 visitors originating from Denmark and other countries in the region.


Recorded, in 2016, the exhibition was attended by approximately as much as 4,000 among business people and Tourism followed by 1,196 exhibitors from 51 countries, 11 airlines and 80 travel agencies or tour operators.


Danish Travel Show 2017 was officially opened by the CEO of MCH Messecenter and was attended by the participants, businessmen and foreign tourists as well as thetour of Denmark on the Ambassador of the foreign countries.


In addition to the promotion of international tourism potential, the exhibition also displays the intended activities and themed exhibitions of Danish Golf Show, Camping and Outdoor Danish Holiday. All the action takes place at the Messecenter Herning (MCH) which is the biggest exhibition center in Denmark with 14 exhibition hall covering an area of 66,000 square meters.


Based on the data of the Central Bureau of statistics (BPS), cumulatively, the number of visits to Indonesia during the wisman 2016 reached 11.52 million visits or ride 10.69 percent compared the number of house visits in the same period of the previous year which amounted to 10.41 million visits.


The number of the foreign tourists visit, experienced a surge in December 2016 of 12.85 percent compared to the same month a year earlier. Recorded number of visits from 986.5 thousand visits be 1.11 million visits. Likewise, when compared with November 2016, increase of 11.07 percent.


Of as many as 1.11 million visits in December 2016, still dominated by foreign tourists and Singapore-born of 16.95 per cent, Malaysia 13.97%, people’s Republic of China (PRC) 11.07 percent, Australia 9.96 per cent and India 4.18 percent.