Capricorn Horoscope : An in-depth look at the Zodiac Profile

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The element associated with this sign is Earth, which shows Capricornians are very practical people: They see and analyze the world as it is, not filtering it through emotions or intellect. Zodiak Capricorn are passionate about their work, and being focused and action oriented helps them get noticed as very capable businessmen.

Even though most of the time people born under Capricorn are fair and economical, sometimes they will be greedy and follow their financial purposes. However, they usually will stick to their typical, common lifestyle because they don’t like to be singled out for not following the rules or for being extravagant.

Zodiac Capricorn

Zodiac Capricorn

Capricornians are dependable and traditional. They may seem like they are critical and have demanding attitudes, but this is only because of their wish to fulfill their goals. Usually though, Capricornians are known for being calm, easygoing, and discreet people. In fact, Capricorn is one of the zodiac signs that understands that to succeed in life one shouldn’t make enemies, which is why they prefer to keep a generally reserved and polite attitude.

In their spare time, Capricornians will not say no to a competitive sport. They aren’t great at team sports, because they don’t like losing due to someone else’s fault, but they enjoy a one-on-one game. In their love relationships, Capricornians are loyal and devoted, but rarely daring.

Capricorn rules over bones, skin, and joints. Some of the Capricornian’s medical concerns are arthritis, rheumatism, skin concerns and eczema, bone diseases and knee injuries. Their colors are the earthy colors of brown and khaki.

The major advantage that people born under Capricorn have is their talent at setting, following, and achieving their goals. They have a never-ending fountain of energy and drive, which makes it hard for anyone to convince a Capricornian to take their mind off their final purpose. Because they are so hardworking, they are among the most successful horoscope signs.