BTN Ready Kucurkan MORTGAGE Funding Via The BPJS-TK

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The contribution of the State Savings Bank, PT (Persero) Tbk in the program One million homes are getting real.

Post launch KPR BTN Micro informal for the workers at the end of February, Bank BTN is now the focus of a segment of workers aiming more broadly, especially workers who have become participants of the governing body social security Employment (BPJS-TK).

To realize the program of financing housing for participants, Bank BTN and the BPJS-TK agreed signed an agreement of cooperation (MCC) on the provision of services and banking services in the order granting the benefits of additional services and other benefits in the form of housing financing facility.

“As a form of synergy in our MCC will provide on-site cash advance loans, mortgages, credit and home renovation to participants of the BPJS employment,” said President Director of Bank BTN, by Mahesh M.

In the MCC signed by Mahesh M with the main Director of the BPJS, Agus Susanto, a Labor determined that cash advance loans are granted only to participants who are entitled to Subsidized MORTGAGES with 15-year tenor, and does not yet have a House with a maximum of 1% of the loan value.

Bank BTN disbursed MORTGAGES also agreed to the participants of the BPJS-TK with maximum credit grade at Rp500 million, 20-year tenor for the House footprint and 15 years for flats.

As for the loan home renovations, it claims to be ready to provide fresh funds Rp50 million with a maximum tenor of mortgage of 10 years.

(List price under the new housing at Rp500 million)

Determination of the loan interest is also competitive, as set out in the Ministerial Regulation No. 35 2016 Employment of Ordinances Granting Requirements and type of service benefit additional services in old age security program.

For the third such facilities, interest rate set is the reference interest rate (7-Days Reverse Repo Rate) plus 3 per cent.

“Interest rates are about 7.75% if referring to the 7-days reverse repo rate this month. The figure is relatively lower than existing commercial mortgage rates in the range of 9%, “he said.

The requirements for reaching the financing facility, listed also in the Permenaker No 35 year 2016, of which a minimum membership period is 1 year, and accompanied by a form of collateral or collateral e.g. certificate of property rights/Rights credit up for renovation.

“Other requirements i.e., the company must pay dues AGE employees code of conduct,” added by Mahesh M.

With the synergies between Bank BTN and the BPJS TK, by Mahesh M Bank BTN optimistic in reaching the target path is channeling KPR.

BTN, this year, target pengucuran MORTGAGE subsidies to 180,000-200,000 housing units, and other non-MORTGAGE subsidies as much as 80,000 units home.

The target is higher than last year’s achievement namely 159 thousand units MORTGAGE subsidies and MORTGAGE unit a non 49,965 subsidies.

“With a variety of MORTGAGE products that we launch, the total credit growth target this year is projected to reach 9 percent,” he said.

(House of Rp300 Millions dicicil can wear BPJS employment)

Construction loans to developers

In addition to providing residential financing facilities for the participants of the BPJS employment, Bank BTN also provides construction loans or financing facility housing development with competitive interest to the developers.

However, in accordance with the terms in the Permenaker number 36/2016, this credit is only awarded to developers who build houses subsidies alone.

“This facility could spur developers to more aggressively build housing subsidies for participants of the BPJS-TK,” bright by Mahesh M.

With this partnership, Bank BTN confirms its commitment in expanding access to affordable housing finance sector workers.

Moreover, since 24 February, Bank BTN has released the KPR BTN Micro for informal workers with a maximum credit limit of Rp75 Million installment period plus 20 years.

KPR Micro financing scheme offers BTN by equivalently installment cash advance and tailored to the capabilities of workers. This year, MORTGAGE funding target BTN Micro reach Rp150 Billion with aiming the debtor who work as farmers, fishermen or merchants.