Bripda Ismi, gorgeous police amid bomb attacks in Bandung

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Bripda Ismi, gorgeous police amid bomb attacks in Bandung

Amid the explosion of riuhnya in the garden of the Pandavas accompanied the attack on the village of the subdistrict Municipality Cicendo, Bandung Arjuna on a Monday morning, a figure Ismi polwan Aisha (23) sudden viral in various social media platforms and applications send messages.


Responding to the viralnya pictures of herself circulating viral, Ismi claims to be proud of because as a police officer he could give examples of the courage of a policewoman.


That certainly I am proud as a member of the national police, because it can take part in the handling of terrorism, I am proud of as a member of Polwan since it can be shown that our police woman has high courage with regards to our tasks as members of the national police,” said Ismi via a short message to Afp in Jakarta on Monday.


Polwan this Bripda ranking apparently was private Secretary (Sespri) Kapolda JabarAnton Charliyan. He is developing a national police force School 42 by 2014.


Girl birth 12 November 1993 it had claimed to feel the atmosphere gripping when the attack took place.


The atmosphere in the SCENE when it was arguably very gripping because the terror action still in progress, but I am confident and believe we are all members of thepolice and each other to protect each other,” said the girl who never attended the University of Education Indonesia (UPI), the Department of education of the history ofit.


Alluded to the question of the action of the busy documenting moments of terror attacks in Bandung that, Ismi reveals his task indeed documenting activities Kapoldaand upload it to your social media accounts Kapolda Jabar.


Ismi social bermedia is also active, notably the Instagram already has more than 55 thousand followers.


“I thank all those who‘ve been appreciated, hopefully with this incident public confidence towards the police, pungkasnya.