Before Regretting, Take advantage of the Purchase Warranty

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Before Regretting, Take advantage of the Purchase Warranty

Some people may not yet realize that home purchases from developers have a fairly short warranty guarantee. The average property developer only gives a warranty claim period of around 100 days, or 3-4 months after handover.

If found there are parts of buildings that are damaged desain rumah minimalis or not working, then the consumer is entitled to free repairs. Through this period, complaints will not be addressed.

As a result, many consumers complain and confuse where to complain. The house as a primary need is not a trivial requirement. On the other hand, many irresponsible developers respond to complaints of their residents.

Generally this experience is experienced by consumers of middle and lower class home clusters. With the official price is quite affordable, the developer just as long as choosing a decent material for the building.

This is experienced by Bimo, one of the consumers of Bintaro Pearl clusters, in Pondok Aren number. The house he bought in January 2016 suffered total damage on the roof to spread to the ceiling ceiling. “There has not been a year in occupation, the ceiling that was initially exposed to rain water seepage broke directly and wet the floor of the house,” said the 35-year-old private employee.

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Damage to buildings after the warranty period can be burdensome to consumers

After the investigation, it turns out that the roof tile used by the developer is a tile abal-abal whose quality is far from the standard. “Finally I call a handyman and ask for a wholesale service to renovate the total of the roof. He said (builder), my house tile is soft and not worth wearing. “Add Bimo.

The house that he bought on mortgage credit with a mortgage of Rp6 million per month (15 years) it should provide a decent building specification for its customers. From here, we can learn that buying a house turns out to be in great depth. Not enough to see the brochures and the number of installments as desired, but also monitor the process of physical development.


Tips to Avoid Losses After Through Warranty

Talking about the problem of consumer protection laws that are still weak in this country, developers are in charge of determining the specifications of building materials they use. This is acknowledged by legal counsel Cornell B. Juniarto, “Even what is listed in the brochure can be different from the original, with the reason disclaimer and so forth,” said Cornell.

“In contrast to abroad, the performance of property developers is monitored by the state and the stock market, so they tend to maintain a good reputation.”

Then how to avoid losses after the warranty period?

Actively inquiring, before agreeing to do credit agreement with the sales and developers, it is important to ask about the warranty period of the building. You can even negotiate for extended building warranty periods, if possible.
Building positive communication with the developer from the beginning, is the key to beginning a good relationship. Starting from a relationship with sales, to the foreman or carpenter coordinator in the field. With a good relationship, then you will not be awkward when building surveys or ask for improvements in the future.
Take advantage of the warranty period to check the overall condition of the building. If you can not understand the building properly, do not hesitate to ask for contractor assistance. In essence make the most of the time available to “polish” your building into a comfortable home to occupy. If you want to replace the material above the standard, such as the roof or pipe, the warranty fee may only apply to the payment of the merchant’s services only. In fact, usually the warranty only applies to major damage such as house leak or cracked wall.
If you buy a home through mortgages (mortgage loans), you can invite the bank to work together to monitor the performance of developers in working on the house. If aada cheats are found, you can provide feedback to the bank to withhold funds.