Absolute terms of business property in Yogyakarta

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Absolute terms of business property in Yogyakarta: creative!

Business and strategy is indeed a sentence that cannot be separated. Both resembling the Union will continue to follow the flow and business processes. So any type and model, business strategy is crucial to win business competition.

Business strategy that is what is actually needed the business person in Jogjakarta that currently experiencing constraints in developing its business, especially business apartments. Yes, who is not interested in the potential of the Town is known as a student city?

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Up to the year 2015 – 2016, based on the data in the spool by BPS Jogjakarta, the number of students enrolled from around 10 Univertas, high schools, technical colleges, and junior colleges in this student city, totalling 113,672 for students and lecturers to 4,912.

While the one thing that is always needed when a student or student entry to Jogjakarta was a regular residence or called kos-kosan. Growing a business apartment in Jogja starting in 2014, it is ultimately brought diverse consequences.

As delivered by Adieb Nu’man, Owner Omah Yogyakarta property, the consequence is the problem of the limitation of land in Kodya and Sleman as the location of the schools and campuses. Therefore, local governments use a quota system to restrict development in Yogyakarta.

Then the height limit problem be technical barriers for developers when they wanted to plan a building like apartment. Mere information, high building in the city of Jogjakarta should not be more than eight floors of 32.5 meters or above the ground.

It is set up in the local regulations (Perda) city of Jogjakarta No.1 by 2015 about Spatial Detail Plans of the city (RDTRK) Jogjakarta. While the location may still build a building with a height of 32 metres only in 5 locations: Jalan Solo, Magelang Street, Bantul, and flower growing area of Operating

In addition, the issue of land owned by the Royal family. According to Adieb, could have been used to build the Palace land property, but the system is SHGB (Building use rights Certificate) for 20 years, so instead of SHM (certificate of property rights).

So every year if land owners usually have to pay United Nations (Earth and building Tax) to local governments, unlike the SHGB conditions payment must be submitted to its administrative HR section that is in the Palace. So the revenue income for the Palace.

Current market conditions in Yogyakarta to rent the room was already diangka Rp1,5 – 2 million a month. While according to existing data, then Student Park Apartments developed by PT. Artha Jaya success with a high enough price for the size of Jogja i.e. Rp715 million per unit. Of the total 159 units sold and leaving only 20 units when it was marketed in the early construction.

With such conditions, it is natural if the rental house that ultimately there are transferred to the investment apartment. So in the span of 10-15 years can already owned or leased to students and professors.

The current obstacles to the construction of the apartments in Yogyakarta not only technical problems but also concerned regarding problems of psychology of citizens about the location where they will be built. So there’s one PR to be done when developers wanted to build apartments, i.e. disseminating the first before the apartment was constructed.

But not the business name ‘ if not ‘ creative thinking. There are currently several businessmen in Jogja which changed the name of her project into a Mess of students. This concept has several advantages.

First, the perpetrator could be in collaboration with the campus by making use of land owned by the campus to build Student housing complex (another name of apartment). Second, the developer need not perform socialization because the concept is a student housing complex with an elevation of about 7 floors.

Third, developers will easily get a captive market because the goal is clear the students that a student on the campus. This successful concept as developed in several campuses such as University of Gajah Mada, the Islamic University of Indonesia (UII) Muhamadiyah University, Yogyakarta (UMY).

While regarding the limitations issue quota licenses, a move that is commonly done by a business person is to try to check first the quota permitting existing in the district. If it is still available, the next step is asking permission to build the unit properties that you want.

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